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History Rising

The epitome of Dubai’s fearless ambition, the iconic Burj Khalifa isn’t just the world’s tallest building, but also a paradigm of modern architecture. Since it’s opening in 2010, At The Top, Burj Khalifa has welcomed millions of visitors to take in a rare view of Dubai. A not-to-be-missed tourist attraction, the journey to At The Top is evocative and provides a moving insight into the history and evolution of the magnificent structure. The approach to its website then, had to be a reflection of the monument itself – an interactive experience that celebrated the finer details of this global landmark. Working closely with Burj Khalifa’s team unraveled some little-known but truly spectacular features of the tower. This engaging and rich content made way for a unique insight. Instead of focusing on the 160 storeys of the world’s tallest tower, the website instead showcased the 160 stories exclusive to the majestic tower. This allowed the users to discover something new about the Burj Khalifa every time they visited the website – much like the monument itself.