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Getting The Media To Taste The “FRUITSSS” from Masafi

BPG Cohn & Wolfe has been the PR partner for Masafi for nearly 15 years. During that time we have helped Masafi to become a household name in the Middle East for premium drinking water. But in 2015 they wanted to move into the carbonated drinks for the first time by launching a new sparkling juice called ‘FRUITSSS’ and asked us to help create buzz, excitement and consumer trial. The challenge was that the sector is hugely competitive – dominated by major international players – and we needed to breakthrough in this category for this innovative new product from the house of Masafi. We decided that we needed to directly reach out to lifestyle media and bloggers by making our approach fun, exciting and engaging. We did this by inviting Masafi consumers to be the face of Fruitsss and posting fun photos of them at #myoffisssialdrink. To get the media involved and not just send them a press release, we created The Masafi Mystery Box that was sent out to over 100 reporters and bloggers. The box contained dressing up props so journalists could and post their picture. We also sent them some cool Fruitsss samples and an even cooler Masafi branded USB mini fridge. We also created partnerships with influential bloggers who spread the word online to give the campaign added reach and impact as Masafi successfully used the power of its brand to enter this new and challenging market.